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Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering

The River Rhine near Karlsruhe, showing the old course, and "improved" straightened path

And similarly, closer to home, our own Danube

Amazon River

Free water jet, by Leonardo da Vinci, the world's best-known hydraulic engineer

River Adda, Northern Italy



River Engineering Lecture Notes -  84 pages, but unfortunately only Chapters 1 to 3 are included. In 2016 I have promised myself to complete this work.

Fluid Mechanics, River Hydraulics, and Floods - An introductory lecture I gave to a group of students in Melbourne in February 2011, with reference to the floods that happened in Australia at that time - and caused my mother and I to evacuate first from the farm and then from the town.

Lists of reference books which appeared in the first pages of the lecture notes

List of citations in the text

A Glossary of Terms in Hydraulic Engineering - contains translations between English-German-Spanish-Italian-French-Portuguese. They are not sorted alphabetically, so it is probably best to use the search facility (CTL F). If you see any errors in German or English, please tell me. Freddy has corrected the Spanish!

Tutorial sheets & worked solutions

Here is Tutorial Sheet 1 - there will not be a Solution Sheet, as it is self-contained.



Vital Water Graphics - UN Environment Programme
Kumar Links to Hydrology Resources
IAHR - International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research
Rivers-list is a worldwide electronically distributed discussion group of the IAHR and open to anyone interested in rivers. The discussion group handles scientific, technical, environmental or even legislative topics

Visual resources

Prof. Hubert Chanson's Gallery of Photographs
IAHR Media Library - photographs and videos
Photographs of rivers
Photographs of rivers in Indonesia


Lecturer: Dr John Fenton

Room number: AD 04 04

Telephone: +43-158801-22245

Software packages

HEC-RAS - US Army freeware for numerical solution of river problems
Catchment Modelling Toolkit- Australian freeware for solution of basin problems
USGS Water Resources Applications Software


Crocodile - usually neglected by theory ...

Devil's Bridge, River Serchio, Tuscany

Snowy River, Australia, with willows, introduced species, growth out of control

Upstream pier profile of Pont de la Concorde, Montréal with sharp upstream edge to break ice.

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