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Lecturer: John Fenton

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A reach of the River Rhine north of Karlsruhe, showing the "improved" straightening good for ships but not for Nature


Coastal erosion, Port Campbell, Australia


Some Melbourne University students developed a wave measuring device for our laboratory. To me it looked more like a rubber duck



Subject description

The document A First Course in Hydraulics  (1.5MB) contains an introduction to fluid mechanics in civil and environmental engineering where sensible and convenient approximations can be made, resulting in useful simple theories and methods. Unusually, the treatment of energy is not based on Bernoulli's theorem - instead, the simpler and more general approach of conservation of energy is used. Sections include:

  1. The nature and properties of fluids, forces, and flows
  2. Hydrostatics
  3. Fluid kinematics and flux of quantities
  4. Conservation of mass the continuity equation
  5. Conservation of momentum and forces on bodies
  6. Conservation of energy
  7. Dimensional analysis and similarity
  8. Flow in pipes
  9. Discharge measurement in pipes
  10. Pressure surges in pipes
  11. Pumps and turbines

Tutorial Problem Sheets & Answers

Tutorial 1 - Drag on bodies, Answer Sheet 1

Tutorial 2 - Fluid properties & pressures in static fluids, Answer Sheet 2

Tutorial 3- Forces on submerged surfaces, Answer Sheet 3

Tutorial 4 - Stability of floating bodies, Answer Sheet 4

Tutorial 5 - Mass conservation and the continuity equation, Answer Sheet 5

Tutorial 6 - The momentum theorem, Answer Sheet 6

Tutorial 7 - Conservation of energy and Bernoulli's theorem, Answer Sheet 7

Tutorial 8 - Dimensional analysis and similitude, Answer Sheet 8

Tutorial 9 - Basic hydraulics of flow in pipes, Answer Sheet 9

Tutorial 10 - Pipe networks, Answer Sheet 10

Tutorial 11 - Pumps and turbines, Answer Sheet 11


Lecturer: Dr John Fenton
Mail: fenton@kw.tuwien.ac.at
Personal homepage: http://johndfenton.com/


A list of possibly-useful books

Visual resources and books

You might like to look at some photographs of flows in Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic, and Environmental Engineering from Dr Hubert Chanson's Gallery of Photographs

Slides and video materials for fluid mechanics (German)

Links to various resources in fluid mechanics and hydraulics (German and English)

Do-it-yourself Laboratory

You might like to play around with a simulated viscous fluid, to see how it behaves click here to download (it is not large) - click the mouse and stir it around. Unfortunately modern computers are a bit fast to see much ...

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Water vapour and smoke plumes, Loy Yang Power Station, Australia

Melbourne Water's Upper Yarra Dam

Hot air balloon, Melbourne

Corinth Ship Canal, Greece with a ship-wave pattern

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