Hydraulics 1

Introduction to Hydraulics books that the lecturer knows

Chadwick, A. J. & J. C. Morfett

Hydraulics in Civil Engineering


Daily, J W & DRF Harleman

Fluid Dynamics


Douglas, J. F. ; J. M. Gasiorek & J. A. Swaffield

Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Solution of Problems in Fluid Mechanics

Well-known, students seem to like it

Giles, R. V.

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

Well-known to generations, explains the theory by examples

Kundu, P. K. & I. M. Cohen

Fluid Mechanics

A more theoretical but good treatment

Lighthill, M. J.

An informal introduction to theoretical fluid mechanics

Mathematical and clear treatment

Oertel, H.

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, electronic version

Available on the Internet, written by a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe

Smith, P. D.

Basic Hydraulics

Streeter, V. L.; E. B. Wylie

Fluid Mechanics

A very clearly-written book, at a high level

White, F. M.

Fluid mechanics

A very clearly-written book, at a high level

Open Channel Flow

Chanson, H.

The Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow

Modern well-liked presentation

Chow, V. T.

Open-channel hydraulics

Classical and lengthy work

Henderson, F. M.

Open channel flow

Classical and very well written

Jain, S. C.

Open-channel flow

Modern, terse, gets to the basics

Townson, J. M.

Free Surface Hydraulics

A very nice readable explanation


Hager, W. H.

Hydraulicians in Europe 1800 - 2000

A recent and interesting book

Garbrecht, G.

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Research: a Historical Review

An encyclopaedic historical overview

Rouse, Hunter and Simon Ince

History of Hydraulics

An interesting readable history

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