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Lecturer - John Fenton

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This course contains two components. The first is a series of lectures on Numerical Methods, which are of general applicability, especially to civil engineering applications. There are a number of Tutorial problems in Excel.

That is followed by lectures on Computational Open Channel Hydraulics. At the moment there is only one tutorial, on the Gradually-varied-flow equation: GVFE Tutorial. That will be augmented in the next weeks.

Lecture notes

Lecture notes on Numerical Methods

An Introduction to Excel - a useful introduction to simple and complex aspects of Excel by Dr Graham Moore

General.xls - A simple introduction to Excel

Lecture notes on Computational Hydraulics

Tutorial sheets & worked solutions

1-Functions.xls: Excel functions
2-Solution.xls - Solution of a single equation in a single unknown
3-Solver - Solutions of equations and interpolation
6-Splines.xls and Splines.xls (the latter contains the subroutines necessary, that you can see by going Alt-F11)

Tutorial problems - a spreadsheet that contains a number of tutorial examples that you can do.



Lecturer: John Fenton

Room number: AD 04 04

Telephone: +43-158801-22245

Software packages


Input flood wave and its modification over 500km of river

The movement of a flood wave in the Murray River, Australia

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